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Our Competencies


We design your roadmap to influence, integrating deep policy insights with strategic foresight to navigate the EU Bubble and beyond effectively.


Our formula for making a difference combines a fiercely independent perspective with innovative action, ensuring our campaigns resonate deeply within relevant circles and echo across the globe.


We excel in transforming brands into influential media publishers, empowering you to own and disseminate your content directly to your audience, establishing your authority and enhancing your presence in the policy and political landscape.


We protect and boost your reputation, leveraging our deep expertise in search engine marketing, personal branding, and building reputational resilience.


Our events for key clients and partners are designed and executed to not only communicate messages but also to facilitate meaningful encounters with top influencers and decision-makers, fostering transformative outcomes.


We craft clear, impactful designs and visual stories that ensure your complex ideas not only reach but resonate with policymakers, leaving a memorable impact.


We create digital platforms that amplify your voice and connect you directly with the relevant community.


We specialize in brand publishing, developing custom projects like online portals, blogs, and newsletters that not only amplify your brand’s voice but also engage and inform your target audience.

Selected Clients

“Krzysztof knows what Brussels is all about. He's been an insider to the Bubble for many years. I can definitely recommend following his activity.”
Roland Freudenstein
Founder and CEO, Brussels Freedom Hub

Examples of Our Work

Integrity Watch 3.0: Towards a European Community of Transparency, Integrity, and Accountability.
Redesign of the Homepage of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas
Youth Employment Policy Conference - a hybrid event gathering 200 people from over 31 countries
Martens Centre's Defence Dialogue - a podcast series discussing contemporary challenges in the area of European security and defence
15th Anniversary of NCBR - National Centre for Research and Development
The European Political Week in 60 seconds - the EU bubble's most successful and longest-running social media show
European Liberal Forum - Liberal Awards 2022
Business and Science Poland - launch in Brussels

Our Publications

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